My Second Wife And Sister in Law – Story

The fun of cocks in the pussy is the thing that a well-educated girl takes to get the legs naked after getting sensible naked, to become a bitch and to get cocks.

My wife died four months after the wedding of her only daughter. At that time I was 47 years old. Shortly afterward, 26-year-old Manpreet alias Mani, who lived in the locality, got my setting. Love started with a smile that reached physical relationships.

So despite the opposition of the people of Mani’s house, we got married.
And in a year she became my mother’s of my son.
Over time, our relations with the money lords became normal.

In Mani’s maternal home, her father, mother and 5-year-old sister from Mani were Honeypreet aka Honey. My sister-in-law Honey was the most opposed to our relationship. Before our marriage, he told Mani many times that what do you see in that old man, what do you get by meeting him.
Well, by the grace of God, we got married and our Munna also came.

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After 4 years of our marriage, Mani’s parents made a program to go on a 15-day pilgrimage, so my sister left Honey at our house.

Honey was about 25 years old and had a leaner body than thin skinny money. Seeing big boobs and big butts would make my LND stand up. Today was the second day of honey in our house, after dinner, we were watching TV that I said – let’s go-to drink mocktails.
Money bid – Now we will not go, take it here.

I picked up the phone and placed the order and the mocktail arrived in a while. Saying ‘I will drink now.’ I put it in the refrigerator and came and started watching TV. But while keeping the mocktail in the fridge, I added a little whiskey in all three jars.

After a while, the money went and brought the mocktail. The three of us finished our jar.

After some time Honey woke up and went to the bedroom and lay down. Shortly after he left, Mani also left.

Whiskey was found in the mocktail, which did not affect me, but honey, money became tuned.

Now I too reached the bedroom. Turned on the AC and removed the salwar and panty of his sister-in-law Honey. Picking up his kurta, he freed the pigeons and started caressing her. After a while, I came in between Honey’s legs, grabbed her pigeon and started licking it.

Honey’s sleep was opened due to squirting and licking bur. Or rather say that his whiskey addiction took off and the youth started getting intoxicated.
I was provoking him by licking his bur. As soon as I used to roll my tongue on her bur, she would swear.
Now I got up and came on top of him, opened the lips of his bur and put the spare of his LND and started sucking his tit. She was repeatedly trying to take her butt inside by shaking her bum.

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The iron was hot, after lifting his bum, I put a pillow and in a bang, but Lund’s supra inside his bur. Despite my insistence, LND did not go in, then I poured it with oil. When I started sucking the whole LND in her bur, I started supporting her, which increased my enthusiasm.

I left my sister-in-law’s lips and started fucking.
I kept fucking my sister-in-law and kept fucking me even after leaving the atomizer.
After that, we both dressed and slept.

The next morning when Honey went to take a bath, my wife Money came to me and patting me on the back said – Well dun my tiger, well dun!
I asked what happened?
“Yesterday you did a great job! very beautiful!”
“Do not extinguish the money.”
“Did a beautiful job that gave Honey Chodi, she was very nervous.”

I was surprised to see Mani’s mouth that my wife said- I was awake and silent because if you ever say what you got, I will tell that you have got what you got too.
I said- If this is the case, then again, lying around pretending to sleep. When I scrape with my toe, get up and tell.

When we reached the bedroom after dinner, the three of us were missing sleep. First I slept, then the money fell asleep, then Honey started turning my hand on my LND.
I moved my lower LND out and gave it to Honey’s mouth, she started sucking.

When LND became pestle, I cut the salty honey completely and started making mares and started fucking. When the discharge happened, I increased the speed and crushed Mani with his toe.

Money woke up as if you woke up from sleep.
Seeing his sister Honey being kissed, my wife Mani said – wow honey, wow! Time does not leave anyone… answers everyone. You asked me many times, what do I get by meeting them? Got an answer today, right? By meeting them, they get what a well-educated girl stands up to as a bitch. And yes… now 10-12 days and here, you are free to do anything with your brother-in-law, I have no objection.

Honey’s chudai, which had been going on for two nights, now became a routine, which continued even after my mother-in-law’s father-in-law returned.

The turn in the story came when Honey told Mani that she has not had periods for a long time. Both went to the doctor and Honey was confirmed pregnant. Despite me and Mani explaining all the times, she was not ready for abortion and said – I will not kill my child, if the time says something, keep saying.
We had to stand with Honey’s decision and Honey became my mother’s mother.

One day Honey, Money and Mom, Dad was sitting with me. After a long talk, it was decided that Honey should be married if a good boy is found. A bio-data was posted on a matrimonial site stating Honey as divorced.

Contact details were my own, so I got a call. The caller, while introducing himself, told that he has a son who is divorced.

The conversation progressed and one day it was seen. If it is positive from both sides, then everyone will sit again soon to decide the next program, saying that everyone has left.

The next day when I was in my office, the boy’s father got a call that he wanted to meet me. I called in my office.
He came and said- I want to do one thing with you, I did not feel it was right to do it in front of everyone tomorrow.
I said – you tell?
He told that Surjit (his son) was divorced because he was not fit to be a father. If you knew this later, it would have been wrong.

I said – you did it well. By the way, I also wanted to meet you to tell you one thing, good that you have come. Actually the thing is that Honey is not divorced, she has never been married. The child in his lap is mine. On a rainy night, we both lost consciousness.

After this, the two families discussed and eventually Honey was married to Surjeet. After about 15 days of marriage, Honey came to her maternal home for a week, then came straight to me and hugged.
I asked – is everything good?
Honey replied- Jiju, everybody is good there, Surjeet is also very good but the thing is not as much as you have said.

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I said in surprise – I did not understand?
“Jiju, you told that Surjeet cannot become a father. Whereas the reality is that Surjeet cannot chod. He comes to me, sucks my pussy, spits. My pussy licks and fingers, but does not fuck because her LND does not stand. I tried to suck and stand but failed. Today when I was preparing my suitcase to come here, Surjeet came to me and said that if you are going to the maiden, then you will also go to Jiju. Of course, go, I will not say anything but keep in mind that when going to Jiju, keep this packet with you. After telling this much, Honey took out that packet in her purse and gave it to me. When I opened the packet, there were condoms in it.

During this time, Honey had started caressing my LND by opening my pant chain.

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