I was living alone in Chandigarh with a room. When two girls came to live in my neighborhood, they asked for my help. I befriended him and the conversation progressed, reaching Chudai.

Hello friends, my name is Karan (name changed), I am 23 years old. I am a resident of Chandigarh and I have studied B.Sc.

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This is a year ago when I completed my studies and came to Delhi in search of a job. In a few days, I got a job and became very friends. But I wanted someone in Chandigarh who understands me, loves me very much because everyone wants someone with whom they can talk about their heart.

Now I had two months working here in Chandigarh. The daily rule was to get up every morning, go to work, come at night, eat food and sleep. Rest on Sunday
Life just went on like this.

One day, on Sunday, I was eating and drinking and resting in my room. Then someone knocked me at the door. When I went to open the door, I saw two girls standing at the door. One of them was wearing tight jeans, wearing red lipstick. The other one was also wearing a jeans top, but the red lipstick one looked hot.

Seeing them both standing at my door, I felt as if a film was going on… Such a scene was in front of my eyes. I was just watching them.

Then that girl with red lipstick said- Listen… We have come here to live new… So can you tell if there is a shop near here, where the gas stove and other items can be found?
I told them – you should come in.
See laugh and say no.

The shop was next door, but I said in my mind that this is the right time to befriend them.

I told him – the shop is a little far away, if you want, I can walk with you guys.
He said with a laugh – oh this is a great idea… but why are you suffering… we will go. You will just let me know.

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Both of them agreed after I said enough and said- Okay… you should be ready… We both come in a while.

I was quite happy that today it became rainy season in the dry fields. If the water gets rain from these clouds, then farming will be done.

Thinking about their fuck, I started wearing clothes and got ready well by putting perfume, etc.

Both of them came in a while and we all left.

The girl with red lipstick was named Priya (name changed). She said – you are very good… else who helps someone in a strange city.

While doing similar things for a while, we reached the shop and in a while, they took the goods.

Meanwhile, the three of us had become friends. Priya started talking to me openly.
We all started coming back home.

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Then Priya said – Karan, what are you doing this evening?

I said nothing, man, today it is Sunday… just empty.

She said, “Okay”… this evening you will come to our room and then the three of us will have dinner together. Do you have any problems?

Hearing this, it was as if there was different happiness inside, and I said – righteous and ask, man, how many days after that I am going to get homemade food… Okay, I will come.

Both of them also went to her room laughing.

I too became so happy to go to my room as if I had found the Kohinoor diamond.

After that in the evening, I reached his room before time. Neha (Priya’s friend) opened the door.

Seeing me, he said – Come on… we are preparing for dinner right now.
I was looking for Priya, she could not see anywhere.

Then Neha said – we have not kept the whole thing well, so you will have to adjust a little.

I asked- Where is Priya?

So Neha said – Priya has gone down to take cauliflower.

I said OK and we both started talking.

I had not met Neha so much before because she was a little quiet. Now I got a little talk with him, so I also found him very sociable.

We were talking that Priya came. Looking at Neha Priya, she said – did she go to Faridabad to get vegetables?

Priya had come in and she looked very beautiful. Priya turned back laughing and said, man, there were a lot of crowds.

He looked at me and said – Hello Karan… Sorry, it was a while. when did you come?

I said – I have just arrived, you have not told me to bring vegetables, I would have brought it.

Priya said- Hey, you have done so much help like that… and if we do not go by ourselves anyway, how will we find out about this place.

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Then together we started cooking. Although Priya was cooking the food, from behind, yes, do it like this, both of us were also being spoken.

After a while, the food was ready and we all sat down to eat.

As if there was some magic in Priya’s hands. He made very tasty food.

She said – how is the food made?

I said – made it so delicious that the chef felt like kissing it.

She laughed and said thank you.

Then after some time, I went to my room. In this way, we started coming to each other’s house every day and I had become very good friends with both of them.

One day Neha had to go to her home in Faridabad for some work. We left him at ISBT.

After that, Priya said- Let’s have dinner together.

I said – some other day man… today I am feeling sleepy.

She said – Do not know if you get a chance to kiss this chef’s hand or not.

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It was not a hint… it was a direct invitation. As soon as I heard this from his mouth, my cock became erect.
I read his eyes and said – Okay… I come in a while.
There was a different kind of happiness in me and my cock was not sitting at all.

I reached Priya’s room after ten minutes, then she laughed and said – You have come.
I looked at her pussy and yes today I have to check how the chef has prepared the food.

He made me sit up smiling and said that today, the chef himself will feed you with his hand.
I said yes, so he fed me food with his hands.

I said – today I don’t want to kiss hands… I feel like kissing your cheeks.
She said – kiss that too… but first, feed me too man… I am hungry.

When he spread his arms, I also made him sit on his lap and started feeding him.

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After eating the food she said – today you stop here.
I had already come in preparation. This became a good and asking question for me.

I said, even if you didn’t say, even today, I would have kissed and sucked your entire body.
As soon as he heard me, he got up and sat on the bed.

I said – you told me to do something later.
She said – which one? Okay man, do as much as you have to do… Do you remember that you were brought up by someone else?

As soon as I heard this, she caught him in his native style and started kissing him.

She was also giving me a full kiss on her behalf. Sex inside was increasing. I grabbed her and laid her on the bed and started opening her clothes. As soon as I opened her bra, it was absolutely cool. He had such beautiful mummies, whom, when pressed, it seemed that someone was pressing the ball of a sponge.

I grabbed both her mums and started pressing them and in turn sucking them both. She was sighing with great warmth.

Slowly she was getting hot. He said with a finger on my cheek – Janu, will you do the same… or will you move forward!

I removed her salwar and put a finger in her pussy. His pussy was wet. His pussy was completely untouched.

I looked at Priya with mischief while turning her hand on the pussy. He also said while pressing his eyes – I have cleaned pussy hair for you today.

I put my mouth directly on her pussy. As soon as she could touch my lips on her pussy, she immediately trembled. I ignored his shuddering and stuck my tongue from top to bottom in bursts of pussy. He gave a long sigh.

She started to cover the bed sheet with fists of her hands in a trance. I was being licked like a dog by spreading his two thighs with my hand with full strength.
In a few moments, he automatically lifted his legs in the air and put his hand on my head and started pressing on his pussy.

I was also rubbing the tongue of her pussy with the tip of my nose and rubbing the walls of her pussy with my rough tongue.

Hardly she could bear it for two minutes, suddenly she started falling apart by squirming her body. She started breathing breathlessly. His hands were still on my head and I was enjoying licking the cream of his pussy with great pleasure.

When I woke up after a minute, my whole mouth was stained with the cream of his pussy and a strange intoxication was seen in the eyes.

She got up and put her lips on my lips and from my mouth, she started to taste the juice of her own pussy. In no time, he licked the cream of his pussy on my whole face and licked it.

By now she was charged again. He pulled me and dropped me on the bed and naked me. Then she was broken on my cock. Just before coming to his room, I myself came to clean my jungle of cocks.

He filled my clean and clean cocks in his mouth and started sucking. She was sucking cocks with great fun.

Within five minutes my cock started crying and he sucked the cock and kept it quiet. The water of my cock was cleared, but the cock had wilted.

We both lay down on the bed.

Then he asked – will you smoke?
I said – yes man, you took away my heart.

He took out a cigarette box from the drawer and started having fun by lighting a cigarette. He gave me a cigarette after two shots. I also enjoyed cigarettes.

Twenty minutes later, both of us were hot again and now the sex game started.

He started sitting on my cock and taking the heat of cock in the pussy. I started picking up the ass too.

After a long fuck, we both collapsed. After that, both of us enjoyed the whole night.

She said to me – would you like to take Neha too?
I did not say anything.

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She said- Do not hesitate… I do not believe in love, yes I definitely want to love each other. Speak clearly, if you want to fuck Neha, then you can prepare her for you. She has not to fuck anyone yet.
I laughed and she understood.

Then after that whenever we both got a chance, we both started enjoying sex.

When I will tell the story of Neha’s sex when I will fuck her.

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